Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Limbo Diaries. 10. Sunburst Finish


TJ: We’re hoping to get BJ Cole in to play peddle steel, so have a listen through to see what he could colour. ‘Sunburst Finish’ comes up. This was written, and recorded in a blur, and we’d both forgotten it. It sounds like someone else’s song. Marcus picks up his monster 6 string bass and warms the track immediately. We edit the piano part as it’s a little floral, then we add a mellotron choir voice to the chorus and M8, which adds a nice bit of ‘grain’. The sample is now called ‘Trev’s Dad’. As a kid Terry (my dad) sang in the Kings College choir, and knows every descant to any hymn. He likes to prove this as often as possible. Still singing castrato, he terrifies churchgoers around the country with his strangulated emissions. Maybe we should get him in for a session.
Marcus plays some percussive loops to lift certain sections and we go home happy.

MC: Not much to add to this, another fruitful day; we’re on a roll at the moment.

Sunburst Finish (Download)

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