Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Limbo Diaries. 9. Way Back When

TJ: ‘Way Back When’: There’s not a lot there, a pad, a loop, the ‘Gypsy King’ riff and a vocal. Marcus records a bass part that takes us back to the 70’s again. We like the feel, but it’s a guilty pleasure; who is it? Marcus messes with some synth’ sounds and comes up with a great hook/riff, for the chorus. We routine a string part for the M8 and chorus. Things always sound ‘grander’ with strings on…not always a good thing, but here they work well…the penny drops for us both at the same time: it’s Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Win Again’, a guilty pleasure indeed. 
Decide not to deny our dodgy pasts, and leave it as it is. 
We like the 70’s?

MC: Ah the 70’s, I got out my trusty old 1960 burgundy mist precision, pumping through the Hiwatt amp and 4x12 on the podXt pro. Sounds great with the hip hop style drums we‘ve got on there. Hip hop? I can hear the sound of Miracle Mile fans reaching for their complaint forms!

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