Monday, 23 January 2012

Mighbrow: The Cackle of Crows

My last few posts all seem to have had a funereal bent; sorry to be gloomy; I promise to lighten up.
'Hopeland' started with the funeral of a stranger and ended with one closer to home; completing that particular journey; one which took me from disinterested voyeur towards something more profoundly personal.
I'll never be indifferent to that final parade again...

The Cackle of Crows

They stand in black
Indifferent, disinterested, smoking
Oddly sated, like roadside crows
Stepping foot to foot
Their dancing brows parade
From one posie to the next

Flowers, why flowers?
Still sunshine
Still birdsong
The cackle of crows
And the lilies lean back
Towards the earth
That will shortly reclaim them

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