Monday, 9 July 2012

The Glow Diaries: 10: Mixing and Mumblings on Mortality

The final part of The Glow Diaries sees Marcus and I bracing ourselves for the mixing process in very different ways.
Finally, a sad loss for Marcus helps put everything into perspective...
'Glow' is a fine album and contains some of Miracle Mile's best work.
Whilst waiting for 'In Cassidy's Care' to be completed you could do worse than dust it off and re-aquaint yourselves with its mysteries.
If you don't own it why not go here to purchase its 15 songs for... a song.
We paid nearly £4 a copy to have it pressed up in its luxurious state....
It's currently available for new for £1.95 (plus p&p).
As ever, click on the image below to enlarge and read.


  1. add in jamie yorkston and the athletes' moving up country and you have the perfect sunday sandwich

  2. oops the above was meant to be for the hobotalk post! - not that that limbo also doesnt make a mighty fine filling

  3. A luxurious package indeed... with appropriate music to match!
    Some truly striking and memorable "rosebuds" included... Waterpistols, cat licks, paper planes, ponytails, sister's tears, fathers hands, mother's breath, and the puzzling "taste of metal in my mouth"...
    "Strange that you can remember what you can't recall." I can't quite grasp the distinction between 'remember' and 'recall' but it's one of my favorite lines!

    PS: Sorry about my lack of contributions lately captain. We're having a wonderful hot summer, enjoying every moment. Hiking, kayaking, swimming and season's passes at the water-park and awesome roller-coaster park. Here's my little daredevil Myrna's favorite:

  4. Blimey, that would clear the sinuses...
    Sounds like an idyllic summer.
    We are a bit soggy here...

  5. Clear the sinuses...fill your drawers!

  6. Thank god for bicycle clips...