Saturday, 7 July 2012

Lovesong: The Heartstrings: Gravy/Girls

Sometimes the simplicity of a song just stops you in your tracks.
The Heart Strings album was raved about by Phil from Tel Aviv.
'Flap Your Crazy Wings' is an addictive mix; Beach Boys and Paddy Mac seem to be the fullest flavours of 'Gravy'...
'Girls' wide eyed innocence is timeless and captivating.


  1. Having made one happy mistake I can now buy the right band at last!

  2. A wonderful album that can be downloaded from their 'bandcamp' page for 'pay what you want'.A couple of months ago they released a b-sides/lost tracks compilation for the same 'price'.
    Check out their excellent debut album 'Try Fly Blue Sky' aswell!
    Tel Aviv