Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Duncan Sheik

Duncan Sheik has been around the block a time or two.
You can see from the video of his biggest hit 'Barely Breathing' that he had a bit of money thrown at him in the 90s. His debut stayed in the US charts for a record breaking 55 weeks.
The follow up 'Humming' was a brave step; darkness abounds in the gorgeous string arrangements.
'Earthbound Starlight' is from 2008s 'Whisper House' album and shows that he retains his melodic talent.
I always bang on about listening to songs in situ on their original albums and would point you towards the gentle hum of 'Phantom Moon', but that said, I really like the selections on 'Brighter/Later', a compilation that splits its offerings between the pop of disc one and the darker melancholy of disc two (my personal favourite) which sees off any troubled day but is also perfect for a sunday morn...

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  1. Have a listen to his recent covers lp all 80s alternative pop given the lush mournful treatment