Sunday, 29 July 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Lisa Hannigan: Passenger

Lisa Hannigan made her name as the female foil for Damien Rice's angst ridden gems of self doubt.
She's released two albums; 2009's Sea Saw and last year's Passenger.
Hannigan recently toured with the brilliant Joe Henry; you can see them together in the first clip, taken from The Portland Sessions.
Then, if you have the time, immerse yourself in Lisa's magical performance from Dublin's Button Factory.
She has a way with a banjo and wee guitar like things... and then there's that voice; like a big wet kiss; balmy enough to calm the most frenetic Olympic commentator, and that's before it takes flight.
I particularly like the opener, 'Passenger' and the third song, 'A Sail'.
This performance has the added bonus of being followed by a set from James Vincent McMorrow who deserves a Sunday to himself...

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