Sunday, 1 July 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Dan Wilson

Sorry that the posts are a bit infrequent and tardy; I've been away and... erm, reading and writing a lot.
Currently trying to finish Iris Murdoch's 'The Sea The Sea' which would drive a saint to drink but is also brilliantly, unreadably compulsive reading.
Does that make sense?
See what Iris is doing to me...
In search of some easily digested relief I reached for the comfort of this unchallenging little gem from 2009.
The singer from The Semisonics learnt some minor chords to produce a bitter-sweet pop classic with 'Real Life'.
It's produced by Rick Rubin, but not with the austere refinements that he applied to Johnny Cash's last few albums, or the pomp free romp that is Neil Diamond's 'Home After Dark' (all of which would be grand Sunday Morning Blues.)
I couldn't find a decent live performance of an album track but this new song gives an indication of his addictive blue sky melancholy...

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