Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Albums for Life: 80: Teiture: Poetry and Aeroplanes

After the dark, gravely gravity of Nick Cave's baritone I bring you the featherlight brightness of Teiture.
Perfect pop, beautifully executed.
Heartfelt honesty reigns.
His gentle music is unchallenging yet addictive.
Apparently he can't get arrested ...


  1. Ah, that's better after Nick Cave (Can't get into him at all). This is sweet :)

  2. The follow 'Stay Under Stars' is lovely too.
    Check out the title track and 'You Get Me'...

  3. Hi Trev - i've got all my mistakes which i now realise was a compilation of his first 3 english language studio lps - lovely stuff

  4. In my 'bubbling under' pool. But I have to go with "Stay Under The Stars", primarily because of 'You Get Me' and 'Don't Want You To Wake Up'. Perfect singles in my alternative universe. The string arrangements send me into a swoon...

  5. Finding it hard to keep up with all the music which is totally new to me. This is starting to insinuate itself slowly into my mind. Late night falling asleep music. Maybe lacking the histrionics I seem to prefer.