Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Xmas Everybody

Seasons' Greetings to all that visit these pages.
I hope that you all have a great day/holiday etc.
I'm hoping that 2013 will see a new Miracle Mile album and the start of the recordings of a new 'Jones' album. 
Beyond that, who knows? 
I always threaten gigs but never deliver; maybe this year...
Other things I can't promise to deliver are world peace and a new Prefab Sprout album.
There's always prayer...
What I can promise is a CD of my favourite songs of the year.
All you have to do is send me yours to:
Lisa Cottage
18 The Green
Wooburn Green 
Include your address and I'll reciprocate.
I'll be trying top get my thoughts together concerning some kind of 'Best of the Year' list between now and the 31st. It's been a funny old year; I'm always disappointed until I actually concentrate on what's gone and realize that it's actually been a fine year. 
Isn't the human creative spirit a brilliant thing? 
I know quite a few jobbing musicians who are skint with no big pay day on the horizon who keep on just for the love of it... so let's raise a glass today to all those creative folk, from the busker to the ballerina.
God Bless 'Em All...
Trev x
PS: Did anyone see Charlotte Church on the Jonathan Ross show? 


  1. Merry Christmas Rev...
    TT (chainsawing down palm trees on Christmas Day!)

    1. Chopper out on the palm on Xmas day? (are we still doing the limp dick jokes?)

  2. happy xmas and no I didnt what on earth happened?

    1. Google it and you tell me...
      It was the show a couple of days ago; she sings her new single...

  3. Hope you have had a good one, just thought you would be interested in this site below, there is a song called 39 Steps which is really interesting if your a Prefab fan, anyway apologies if you have already seen it but here you go...


    1. Thanks Geoff; I heard about this... nice song...
      How's it going?

  4. Hope you had a good Christmas Trev. Thanks for a year of interesting Words and music.Here's to 2013 and a new MM album!

    1. Thanks Phil. Thanks for your input...
      All the best for 2013!

  5. Blimey - just seen it and I'm still not sure what was goin gon - last time i saw here she was on G Norton singing a country song!
    Listened to the sprout project stuff - like the songs but seems a bit odd to record it in such a spot on vocal Paddy Mac impression... takes it beyond the reverential into the tad scary!

  6. It's the over worked Welsh tones that are a bit unsettling...
    The Prefab Project? A fine balance between healthy adulation and over zealousness.
    Admiration is healthy, reverence divinely worrying; I do catch myself in such MacAloon/Buchanan moments occasionally but they remain double locked in the closet...
    Brings to mind Alan Partridge stalker's bedroom...

  7. Clarifying my earlier Xmas day remark... Not a conventional way to celebrate the holiday, but we were literally chopping down a bunch of big palm trees, oleander, hibiscus and a massive bay leaf tree. Our new cottage here in Florida has a very large backyard (garden, as you chaps call it?) and it was a overgrown tropical jungle back there, which Myrna had been nagging me about cleaning up.
    As you know, Canadians have a grand tradition of lumberjacking... "I cut down trees, I skip and jump, I put on women's clothing and hang around in bars..." So I went straight to it and chopped down just about everything in sight. Left a few palms and fruit trees; yard looks pretty spiffy now. Wife's happy.
    Anyway, no dick jokes implied... Although we do have huge whack of wood to ejaculate, and did I mention that I left a cumquat in the garden?