Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sticks and Stones

Sorry for dumbing down but in a recent road rage incident I was called a 'silver fox f*cker' which I thought was an odd but creative insult. As usual I spent the next hour or so thinking what my come back should have been rather than the 'wifiyootoo' that I managed. This somehow led me to these compilation clips of 'The Greatest Film Insults of All Time'. Be warned; the language is very strong. If you are easily offended I'd go for the second clip. Otherwise, sit back and bathe in some of the finest bile ever committed to celluloid. If you are not blowing fountains of snot by the end you are the son of a motherless goat... or a secretary...  Finally, we all know that shortly after the insults come the threats; 100 of them in the third clip.

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