Friday, 7 December 2012

How High's Yer Brow?

"No more dragging this wormy anus 'round on shag piles from Persia to Thrace. I've severed my reeking gonads,  fed them to your shrunken face"

Yes folks, Scott Walker has a new album out.
I've not heard it yet and am bracing myself for the inevitable joyful experience.
He's a challenge is Scott; revered and reviled in equal measures.
And that's just by me...
Scott's not really into 'connecting' these days.
Go on, try and catch his eye...

I admire his artistic ambition; he definitely sets a lofty bar.
According to The Quietus review, with 'Bish Bosch' Walker continues to develop 

"a late style utterly at odds with the music that made him a superstar. From certain perspectives, Walker's career hinges on the break of the mid-eighties, before which he was a performer of skewed romantic pop, and after which he became incorrigibly committed to envelope-pushing indebted to the literature (notably Beckett and Paul Celan) and music (particularly György Ligeti and Iannis Xenakis) of postwar European modernism. Indeed, the very idea of 'late style' emerges from the context of that ultra-ascetic avant-garde: the notion was cultivated by Theodor Adorno, late modernism's great theorist, to describe the way that Beethoven's mature work enacted – in Edward Said's helpful paraphrase – "a contradictory, alienated relationship."
Mmm, I guess there's no cow bell then...
Scott's also chosen his Ten Favourite Films.
You'll be astonished not to find 'Die Hard 3' on his list...
I don't think we'll be seeing him on Graham Norton's couch in the near future.

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  1. I'm listening to this now - where else will you get lines like the above. And they are not alone - far from it.
    It's even more hardcore than Drift, I think. Pretty extraordinary stuff though.
    And he has TWO Kaurismaki films in his top ten. A man after my own heart.
    And he tells 'jokes': "If brains were rain you'd surely be a desert" - "Don't go to a mind reader go to a palmist cause I know you've got a palm"