Monday, 17 December 2012

Americana UK: Staff Writers' Top Ten of 2012

Americana UK is one of the very best online music magazines; their writing is top notch.
How happy am I therefore that their Deputy Editor Jeremy Searle has rated 'Ghost of Song' at number 2 on his Top Ten of 2012 list.
Click here to read his original review.
Thanks Jeremy; you are a gentleman.
You can see his choices below and read the rest of the staff ratings on the link here:
American UK: Staff Writers' Staff Top Ten

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Top Ten of 2012

Jeremy Searle – Deputy Editor

  1. Bellowhead – “Broadside” - A triumphant cacophony from folk's big band and the best live act around
  2. Jones – “Ghost of  a Song” - Best of Miracle Mile man's solo work, which means intelligent and thoughtful pop that's better than anybody else's
  3. Pete Seeger – “The Complete Bowdoin College Concert 1960” - One man, one guitar, a little bit of politics and a lot of fun from one of the few people to deserve the term legendary.  A double album without a wasted moment.
  4. Mama Rosin – “Bye Bye Bayou” - Swiss trio, with the aid of producer Jon Spencer, produce their finest yet: cajun, garage, punk, you name it, it's a wild exhilarating ride
  5. Kyle Carey – “Monongah” - Self-described as "Gaelic Americana", this is simply a delightful and enchanting debut
  6. Hatful of Rain – Way Up On The Hill - Another fine debut, haunting bluegrass-cum folk that can also kick over the traces when necessary.
  7. Various Artists – “History of New Orleans R’n’B 1921-1947,1947-1953” - Irresistible compilation with everything from "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" to "Who Drank My Beer?"
  8. The Vagaband – “Town and Country” - A delightfully ramshackle mix of country, folk blues and a lot more on yet another debut
  9. Malcolm Holcombe – “Down The River” - Righteous howl from a man who's more a force of nature than a performer
  10. The Mastersons – “Birds Fly South” - Buddy & Julie Miller meet Neil Finn on this great debut from Steve Earle cohorts


  1. Thank you Seamus; I think the album went under most radars...

  2. This Jeremy fella has obviously got a bit of taste :)