Thursday, 14 March 2013

Albums for Life: 37: Stina Nordenstam: And She Closed Her Eyes

Little star, so you had to go
You must have wanted him to know
Poor little thing...

Steve Davis my old co-producer with Miracle Mile (circa Bicycle Thieves/Candids) didn't enthuse much; he could be a sanguine chap; so I sat up and listened when he told me that a song on his car radio had made him pull off the motorway so that he could hear it better. He'd thought that it was a Bjork demo, a bit thin and scratchy and then "it exploded into glorious technicolour".
He was speaking about 'Little Star' and what could well be a future 'Chicken Skin': the moment when the icy mix moves from a dry scratchy guitar strumalong into the exquisite warmth of an alto saxophone solo.
This is definitely one for the late night headphones, you need to hear that voice at close quarters. I've heard it described as a 'ghost voice'. There's a fragility that you either love or loathe; she's a bit like a Swedish Shirley Temple whispering in your ear. I guess your enjoyment depends on whether you hear Lolita or Stina.
I hear loneliness and spine tingling intimacy...

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