Thursday, 7 March 2013

Di's 'Albums for Life': 50 - 41

Di doffs her cap to more personal musical highlights:

41. Subtitlo - Josh Rousse
42. Time Without Consequence - Alexi Murdoch
43. Buena Vista Social Club- Ry Cooder
44. See The Morning In - Grand Drive
45. Memory Man - Aqualung
46. Duncan Sheik - Duncan Sheik
47. The Beautiful Lie - Ed Harcourt
48. Fisherman's Woman - Emiliana Torrini
49. Review - My Friend The Chocolate Cake
50. Befriended - The Innocence Mission


  1. At last someone else who loves My Friend The Chocolate Cake!! Wonderful Band! Great choice Di

  2. still feel I've cocked things up by not finding a place for Ed Harcourt in my list

  3. Just got Ed's new album which was apparently recorded in 6 minutes in a toilet at Abbey Rd...
    I think I want my money back...