Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Read 'In Cassidy's Care' Here and Now

You can now read 'In Cassidy's Care' here on this site without having to go and download it to Kindle on Amazon for £1.97.
Look to the bar on the right, below the Kindle Cover of the book.
See Read In Cassidy's Care' here and now and click on the white page below.
The Issuu Files should open up there and, voila...
Thanks to Bernard Rudden for the nudge.
Album coming soon, blurb below.
I'm proud of the fact that I myself me compiled the Issuu files.
It took more time than writing the book did.
For any other fossils who are conflicted by technology have a look at the video below; suitably archaic, it might ring a few bells...

We’re all connected by our unravellings; a recognition that can be a comfort of sorts. A good friend (let's call him 'Cassidy') was having problems. His life was as disheveled as his appearance; he was coming apart at the seams. He needed to speak about this dishevelment but wasn't taking advice. My sympathetic gaze was met with the blank stare of a man marinating in misery. What to do? I thought about writing him a letter. No one writes letters these days so maybe that correspondence would resonate; he might take notice. So I wrote out his story, detailing things as objectively as possible, that he might better see his predicament and move beyond it. But oddly, as I kept writing, this letter to a friend became something else; a work of fiction. I had a title; 'In Cassidy's Care' and soon the thing had its own momentum. I used Cassidy's situation and personality for the narrative and found him a great point of reference; he never let me down. It was no surprise when I found myself writing songs that related directly to the predicaments of the Cassidy character. I presented Marcus with those small dramas and he developed the musical landscape in which our hero now abides. Small dramas indeed, his story is as mundane and relevant as yours and mine.
Beyond fiction, thanks to Cassidy for letting us hang the fabric of this tall tale so loosely up
on his bones. He's still disheveled but you'd find him a much happier man these days; in fact, if you knew where to look, you wouldn't recognise him at all...

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