Saturday, 9 March 2013

Mid Life Crisis?

I bought some black Doc Martins yesterday.
I'm also considering getting a surf board, tattoo and piercings.
Maybe even a punchy pup that I'll name 'Sandinista!'
I'm even starting to admire many of the left field 'Editor's Musical Choices of 2013' on the ever excellent Quietus blog.
'Best tracks of 2013' in March?
And I'm making lists too...
Does this equate to a 'Mid Life Crisis'?
Maybe we could list the signs...
Please advise but keep your sniggering to yourself.
It's only a matter of time my friend.
It's the way of all flesh.
Meanwhile, I'm off outside to plant some bulbs.
I may be some time...


  1. I'm afraid I've gone past it...
    Although if lists are a sign maybe not.
    I never stopped wearing Docs but had to give up on the boots in my early twenties when I kept twisting my ankles and was told it was a result of them getting too much support from my Doc boots.
    Supposed to be getting a tattoo with my daughter - her idea. Maybe she thinks I should be showing more signs of MLC.
    Like learning to drive!

  2. Mmm, weak ankles have always been my achilles too...
    And if you don't drive how can you crave the Ferrari?