Monday, 11 March 2013

Stuff and Nonsence

Marcus came over yesterday.
We had a photo session to do.
The new album requires pictures.
We had an 'its grim up north' directive from Bazza.
Di dutifully stood us up against a white wall.
We held our breath.
She pulled the trigger.
I think that it's safe to say that we can no longer be regarded as 'totty'.

There goes the 'Smash Hits' cover.
Those of you with a keen eye might recognize the venue as the same industrial estate where The Sunday Times photographer took shots to ornament our double spread interview which was to launch us upon the world and the future domination of its' charts.
Those shots would then become the cover of 'Glow'.
Look closely.
Don't you recognize the green door?
It still needs a lick of paint...
Anyway, job done.
We now await the production of the album and the offer of an Esquire fashion shoot.
We might have copies of 'In Cassidy's Care' available before the end of the month.
The 'hard copy' release via Proper will be a few months as we await review slots in the monthlies, but we're hoping that the 'High Quality Studio Master' download will be available before that.

I've been a bit dismissive of the new Ed Harcourt album 'Back in to the Woods' rush recorded as he reportedly could only afford 6 hours in Abbey Road studios. On first listen it sounded like it was recorded in the toilets using their famous 'bog echo' on the voice. This is now growing on me and I'm loving Ed's way with a melody again.
There's an interesting piece on The Quietus here where the bearded wonder chooses his favourite albums and what an eclectic bakers' dozen it is.
Meanwhile, I'm listening to the new Bowie album and willing it to be wonderful.
I think it's working...


  1. Would you buy a used car off these two? Nice to see you both looking so trim though, even if you are looking like a miserable couple of sods!

  2. It was cold and Utd had blown a 2 goal lead.
    What do you expect Nick, backflips?
    And 'trim'?
    Are we talking cars or girth?
    (I sound like Paddy Mac with a listhpp)