Monday, 11 November 2013


Di and I had a nice night out ce soir. We went to the Everyman cinema in Maida Vale to see the new Clooney/Bullock film 'Gravity'.
We sat in comfy seats (£15 a pop) with our 3D specks on and were knocked out by the visuals. Di was less impressed by the narrative than I was: I liked the intimacy of the otherworldly drama; both he/she impressed and will surely push for Oscars, as will the Special Effect dept. All in all a moving movie with spectacular effects that do not overwhelm the breathless feeling of surprising intimacy. It's hard to explain that dynamic; go and see it!
Later we wandered around the corner for a drink at The Warrington. We entered mid Pub Quiz and ended up helping ex Sex Pistols bass player Glen Matlock with the pop lyric and picture round. Glen thought that a photo of "Iggy Stardust" ('Pop' actually) was 'that lesbian tennis player'. He was a nice guy though, happy to chat about his glory days and pose for a photo. I saw The Pistols twice in their pomp during that gob fest of the late 70's; first time with Glen on bass, later in one of the worst gigs I've  ever witnessed, at Bingley Hall in Yorkshire, after that lamentable twat Sid Vicious had taken over Glen's bass mantle. There was a classic moment when a light bulb fell from the rigging, smashing at Sid's feet. Our hero thought that glass had been chucked at him from the crowd; he picked up a shard and carved something illegible into his naked chest, surely misspelt. Sid was a sorry victim of Malcolm McLaren's megalomanic vision and ambition. I reckon that Glen was better out of it; sacked because he knew too many Beatles songs. I forgot to mention his post Pistols band The Rich Kids to Glen. I saw them at some Leeds venue (The Hallam?) supporting Generation X. Billy Idol wanted to fight everyone; The Rich Kids were great; Midge Ure a fine front man. I can't remember their guitarist's name (Steve Rich?) but he was fantastic; up there with Magazine's John McGeoch as one of the best guitarists of the post punk generation...
Matlock is playing at The Screen on the Green in Islington on Nov 23rd if you're interested.
He's no legend; just a nice guy who's guaranteed free beer for the rest of his life.
Let's hope that he has more restraint that Shane McGowan...


  1. I saw it tonight too. Found it surprisingly moving. Always find a film very odd with a lack of music. Bit there's no sound in space. Sandra Bullock was excellent and how good did she look in those shorts at 49 :) Glen, although not a legend DOES have a place in musical history. Loved the fact the pistols sacked him for being too good :)

  2. It was awesome when the satellite shrapnel hit with devastating effect; the silence heightened the horror; I found myself ducking for our helpless heroes...