Friday, 8 November 2013

To the Bone: The Second Sessions (Friday): 'Dream Horses' & ''Row'.

I'm in Norbury Brook studio again with Marcus, to continue work on what has been tentatively re-christened 'To the Bone'. It's another 3 day session that should see us break the back of the album in terms of basic tracking. This time we're in the company of Willow, Marcus and Lucinda's lovely lady lurcher. She's discerning; Willow doesn't like jazz chords or cellos... that'll keep us honest. She also has her eye on the garden squirrel whose days are surely numbered.
We commence at noon (very civilized) on 'Dream Horses'. This starts as a simple voice and piano arrangement but is now starting to swell into something... swell. Marcus battles with string samples. I can't spell most of the words he's barking out but musically it sounds like Steve Reich in the afternoon! "Stereo: L: Scratchy R: Awful.... Flat as a fart" is the maestro's assessment. Willow is less articulate but her flatulence speaks volumes. Later, as we have the upright piano sound sorted, we potter with 'Row', a vignette which works nicely. Once the piano is done I sing and Marcus plays along on his blue melodica, giving the thing a sea shanty slant which works well with the lyric. A great day's work and it's time for our reward; nuts for the monkeys. As it's Friday we contemplate curry and offer it up to the dog, just to keep the wind in the Willow.
She assures us that she is more than content with her Chappie.


  1. Go for the curry again. But no pics tomorrow please!!! I'm having steak & pepper sauce. Album sounding good. Strings??? What happened to simple??? I trust you both to be at least selective!!!

    1. 'Simple' always relative in these parts Nick...

  2. Glad to hear you're back at the recording game again Trevor. When do we start to get sneak previews?

  3. I reckon it'll be all over by Xmas...

  4. That's no way to talk of a recording career LOL :)