Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lovesong: Neil Finn: Divebomber

Mmmm, I love Neil Finn's writing, especially his contemplative songs.
He's often said that his 'rockers' are just slow sad songs sped up.
The underlying melancholy of his music is what makes it so compelling to me.
Soon comes a new album 'Dizzy Heights' and I'm excited.
So excited that I go looking for previews and find this video of a track from the album.
The song is 'Divebomber' and it has me perplexed.
I'm not exactly underwhelmed, just a little confused.
Now, I can find melody in Mahler so, trust me, I'm up for anything but... much as I'm into the resonance of nostalgia, I've sat through this a few times and cannot get beyond the confusion of the 'found sounds'.
Is it just me?
Is there a song in there somewhere?
I hope so; it'll probably knock me sideways on the next play but I can only hold my breath for so long...


  1. There are some people who i love to experiment and there are some who i just want to stick to what they do best. Nf is in latter camp. After buying pyjama club , i will need some convincing on the new lp

  2. You should check out Neil's last webcast as he explains how the track came about. It's the only song like it on the album. So he says :)

  3. First listen had me scratching my head. Sounds familiar... Falsetto + orchestration + weirdness = Mercury Rev to my ears. Now I do a little research and find Dave Fridmann (Mercury Rev & Flaming Lips) is producing Neil Finn's latest offering. Not sure it's a good thing, but it explains a lot...

  4. Sounds like self indulgence. Maybe he's leaving all the tunes we love for the next Crowded House album, and his experimental tosh will be his solo output from now on. Certainly seems like an album to approach with caution.
    Tel Aviv