Monday, 4 November 2013

New Recordings: To the Bone: The First Sessions

I started in on some new recordings over the weekend.
Marcus and I did the usual: tea, biscuits, veg' curry, bottle of great red (a stupendous Amarone - La Collina dei Ciliegi 2008) and a rifle through Mr Cliffe's latest vinyl (Joni's remastered 'Blue' and Miles Davis's 'We Want Miles'), before hankering down to work.
Talk about setting the bar high...
I think that this photo (right) was taken Saturday morning after that Friday night, hence that "what the..." look on my face. The chord I am playing is known to us musicians as 'C'. And let me tell you; it was a stretch holding those heavy cables down.
My head looks superimposed onto my body, which is certainly in line with the way I was feeling.

This will be a solo 'Jones' venture; bereft of concept this time folks. Considering the lack of budget I think that we can safely say that this album will be a lo-fi diversion. 7 basic songs in the barrel thus far. They'll need buffing by the scientist; it was sounding good though as I departed Sunday evening; leaving Marcus battling with a blue harmonica and a hiccuping Fender Twin Reverb.

We have two working titles so far: 'Let Go' and/or 'To the Bone', although we'll probably ending up calling it 'Cosmo' or 'Sharon'...
Songs in the 'nearly' can are:

Books to Bed
Man Behind the Moon
Pardon Me
Phil the Hat and TJ
Somewhere North of Here
Life To The Bone

We are already making the videos in our heads and discussing the weight of vinyl that we should use on our first pressing.
There are no fools like old fools.
Long may we wane...


  1. Bloody marvellous news :) - I really hope that you keep the production nice and simple. To The Bone would then fit nicely. An Americana vibe would suit. Age gracefully Mr Jones. There's plenty of good albums by the oldies for inspiration. I await the results with interest. :)

  2. Replies
    1. 'Techno'?
      Wasn't he one of the 7 dwarves?

  3. 'Nice and Simple'. Another title or a character assessment of me and Marcus? Which is which Nick? There will always be peddle steel (God bless Melvin Duffy), crop loss (see Mr Cliffe's pate, not mine) and out of tune singing so... I guess that the 'Americana' vibe is a given...

    1. Ha, what about Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde? Is that more apt. I accept the colours of the Jones/Cliffe palette but would love it to be as simple as possible. I'd love to hear your demos as you write them on your geetar. :)

    2. By the way, you look awful in that photo :)

  4. :)
    Just received that PM DVDs Nick. Thank you solo much. There goes the weekend. Listened to the 'Map..' album to and from the studio. The 1st track reminds me of 'Weatherwise' and the guitar figure from 'Montemagiorre' off 'Keepers'. Is Pat stalking us?

  5. This news has really brightened up an until now miserable day! As always looking forward to hearing the results
    Tel Aviv

  6. Sorry you're having a bad day. I'm currently listening to Lou Reed and he's saying that today is 'Perfect'...

  7. Thrilled to hear you're back to the studio with MC, and so far along with new material... I must agree with Nick, that 'To The Bone' would be a standout album title.

    Hey, I've got a goofy question for you: I know you're probably much too self-centered to consider the possibility of ever doing a "cover" of another songwriter's tune... But let's just say that you're in a situation where Joe Pesci had you're noggin in a vice, politely threatening to squash your head like f***ing grapefruit if you wouldn't chirp ...
    But seriously, is there any tune out there that you've ever thought about giving a shot on a record? I can hear you putting a nice heartfelt spin on something like "Ruby's Arms"... with grace.

    PS: Reporting from our little cottage on Sunset Blvd in Ormond Beach, Florida. Just arrived yesterday, hopefully for the entire winter. Humble as it may be, it feels like paradise. It's 2am, and I can hear the waves crashing on the shore. I'm off for my nightly walk to investigate, and gaze at the amazing star-fields over the ocean...

  8. Interesting TT. I have thought about that covers album before...
    Moon River
    Time (Waits)
    Witchita Lineman
    Because of Toledo or Tinsel Town in the Rain (Slowed down mogodon version)
    The list goes on...
    Glad that your winter is turning to summer; I hope that all is well that end...