Thursday, 1 December 2011

Ghost of Song

A Special Offer for the new Jones album Ghost of Song

Order any Miracle Mile or Jones album before 31/12/11 and
you will get a free copy of 'Ghost of Song'.

This means that you could get 2 copies of the new album for £10; one for you and one as a Xmas present for that special friend...
Simply order any album from the Pay Pal 'Shop' at 
Any orders received in 2011 will get a free copy of 'Ghost of Song'.
Please note that there is no Pay Pal button for this album. 
If you want 'Ghost of Song' only, simply email me here and I'll invoice you direct.

** Before buying, please note that these are songs that have already featured on 'Hopeland' and 'Keepers'.

Again, please note that these songs have already featured on 'Hopeland' and 'Keepers'.

Why? I hear you ask.
These songs are already on ‘Hopeland’ and ‘Keepers’; they’re not re-mixed so, why the re-jig?
The two albums didn't seem to connect, I think that maybe the spoken word stuff put folk off; yet when I listened back to the albums I recognised that some of the songs are good and needed to be heard; I know that they haven’t; I’ve seen the sales returns…
This is a way of re-presenting a selection of the songs in a different light: 
The original idea came from The Scientist: Marcus is getting into vinyl and was raving about the fact that he's actually listening to music again; the process of placing needle to record makes him commit to the moment and see it through. 
So we addressed the idea of releasing the selection as vinyl. 
The production turned out too expensive unfortunately but I kept the idea of the collection and applied it to the songs; 
I chose 10 tracks from Hopeland and Keepers for 'Ghost of Song' in an attempt to create an old fashioned 'bedsit' kind of album that folk might learn to love to live with.  
I wanted 'Ghost..' to affect folk and endure in the same way some of my old favourites have stuck with me (Blue/After the Goldrush/Hunky Dory/Steve McQueen etc) and so I picked songs that had a certain warm yet woozy feel to them; this meant precluding some favourites that didn't quite sit or fit with the sonic idea... I also hope that it leads folk to the original Jones albums and helps shed some light on the forthcoming Miracle Mile album 'In Cassidy's Care' due out in the summer of 2012.

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