Monday, 26 December 2011

The Limbo Diaries. 6 (Sunburst Finish)

TJ: ‘Sunburst Finish’: Another waltz that I double track on the Taylor and sing and then harmonise on the chorus. Marcus adds piano then gets all ‘ELP’ on me with a moog! While we’re in 70’s mode, a mate of Marcus arrives to borrow the ‘glitterbandbass’ for his new gig. He once fronted ‘Kenny’ (yes, that ‘Kenny’), and has been offered the job as lead singer with ‘Sweet’ (yes, that ‘Sweet’) and we can tell from his lemon sucking expression, that he’s not too sure about it. The make up, hair and high notes? “I’ve told ‘em I’m not having any of that nonsense” What else is there?

MC: ‘Sunburst Finish’ is a title that has pleasant memories from my past. It was an album by Bebop Deluxe, and a great one at that. This song has nothing to do with that except the title but maybe I subliminally went back the 70’s.
Taylor recorded through Amek/neve mic pre with the ubiquitous AKG 451E.


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