Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Limbo Diaries. 5 (Step by Step)


TJ: Marcus has given me an arrangement to which I've added lyrics, a vocal line, and a middle 8. Working title is 'Step by Step'. 
We organise the sections, add the M8, and I sing it. We then decide to double track the chorus, and add some harmonies to the hook in the M8. Marcus then balances the vocals and starts playing with some echoes/effects on the vocals. I don't normally like effects on the voice (I'm a meat and potatoes boy myself) but I've got to admit they sound great. It reminds us both of 'Weatherwise' from 'Alaska', no bad thing. 
Home for the weekend.

MC: Vocal chain, as above (ain't broke, and all that). The track really started to come together and unusually we put on a lot of backing vocals, but they sound great. At the end of the day the track sounds fantastic and Trev and I rock out with the monitors on full blast, big smiles on our faces.

TJ: (FEB 2006 remember
Listening to:
Sweet Billy Pilgrim 'We just did what happened and nobody came' A beautiful mess of oddly affecting lullabies; Blue Nile catches the Divine Comedy wearing Elbow's boots!
Ben Folds 'Songs for Silverman' Great piano songs. Love it when he takes his tongue out of his cheek. His voice always reminds me of Randy Edelman. (should I remember that?)
Strays Don't Sleep. A joint venture between Neilson Hubbard (check out his lovely 'Why Men Fail') and Mathew Ryan (try 'Concussion' or his new one) which is country/ambient heartache.
Halloween Alaska. Sounds like the Blue Nile (again) fronted by Paddy MacAloon, not a bad combo. Love track 8.
Richard Hawley 'Coles Corner'. If this beauty doesn't get me and buy it.
Ryan Adams '29' A bit obvious...he's like that best friend you're sick of the sight of, but can't help loving.
Neil Diamond '12 Songs' So, he nicked the title from Randy Newman... Diamond was great before he got lost in Las Vegas; this is back to his roots, a Cash like re-invention. Some pretty good songs laid bare with a guitar and a voice in heartbreaking decline.
Rosanne Cash 'Black Cadillac'. A dignified farewell to her father.
'Brokeback Mountain' Beautiful, brave study of a tender relationship. This'll seperate the boys from the rednecks! Annie Proulx's short story is worth a read, from the collection 'Close Range'
'Crash' Smart, involving story cycle set in LA (reminded me a little of 'Short Cuts') which deals with its touchy issues head on. The glitzy cast are actually humdrum brilliant!
Paul Auster's 'Red Notebook' Smart notes on the writing process, and the wonders of serendipity.
Marilynne Robinson's 'Gilead' A long wait since 'Housekeeping', this reveals itself slowly, wise and (not too) worthy, it's worth the effort.

MC: Listening to:
Jazz trio album I'm mixing/producing/performing! with Mike Hugg from the Manfreds.
New tracks for Paul Young,nearly finished, a new direction for him.
Sweet Billy Pilgrim, Nine Horses, Richard Hawley, Wayne Shorter.
Reading: Bertrand Russell's 'History of Western Philosophy’. Micheal Moore's 'Stupid White Men'.

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