Thursday, 8 December 2011

Mighbrow: Jesus Shirt

This is pretty self explanatory really. 
I brought the shirt at the Oxfam shop in Hampstead (a better quality of tat). It still smells of someone else but it always comes out on special rock and roll occasions.
I love that shirt; almost as much as I love the shy, retiring lady that irons it for me...

Jesus Shirt

I watch you iron my shirts
Wishing that I could give
Such care to my labour
Not a perfect job
But a job well done
Done for the right reasons
Done for love
Done for the love of it
Done for the love of me

When you are done with love
I will be creased and crumpled
You have just finished my Jesus shirt
I love that shirt like no other
Yet I’m fearful of offending
By the wearing of it
And yet
When I wear it I am fearless
Out of myself
Above myself
Like no other

I know it’s there
Immodesty awaits
On a hanger in the wardrobe
The face of Christ
Smelling of mothballs
And promising everything


  1. I once bought a "mary" shirt (classic Mary pose , in blue haead dress with hands together in prayer) from an art gallery we popped into on the way to an afternoon wedding. It was a posh do and the next morning I realised that i had nothing to wear. so out of the shrink wrap came the shirt and i popped it on , only to be mortified when my wife pointed out that on the back in big bright letters it had "Begging For it". (we chose a breakfast table close to a wall)

    I now refuse to buy any clothing in plastic wrapping (this followed another art gallery t shirt incident when I bought a t shirt got it out of the wrapping to put on and realised it was a crop top)

  2. So, sausages from the butcher's etc
    The Jesus shirt has caused a few 'taking the lord's name/face in vain' moments. I would have thought that the virgin Mary 'begging for it' was a perfectly reasonable deduction and could ruffle no feathers... though I'm sure it's a good way of ensuring a corner seat in the chapel canteen.

  3. Ahh, thank you... Love you too!
    Not the best picture of me, look at that wrinkly arm. I need to get to the gym before it's too late.
    I can't even remember where it was taken.
    See you later, maybe you should wear the shirt tonight at the Italian.