Thursday, 1 December 2011

Lovesong: (Waiting for You and) England to Return by Stackridge

Stackridge were a boarding school favourite in my dorm'; 'Man in a Bowler Hat' blasted out most mornings.
They offered 'Englishness' amongst a foreign sea of rootless prog rock and Americana, singing about cups of tea, ploughs and 'Friendliness'; there was something comfortable about them that salved our homesick brows.
I was reminded of this quality this morning by Phil Duncan (a MM mate) who sent me this YouTube link. My dad Terry was in the RAF so it resonated.
The song is taken from the band's comeback album of a couple of years ago 'A Victory For Common Sense'. Sure, it's old school and not going to turn any heads; it's also quite lovely and the primitive animation strangely moving.


  1. I was pretty sure I knew my music but got to confess I'd never heard of this lot - but really like this track

  2. Their older stuff is worth a listen too.
    The last album was like Crowded House meeting Supertramp with lyrics by Viv S'....

    1. An amazing band. It took years to pluck up courage to listen to the news stuff because the early days were so important to me, as another 1970s schoolboy.