Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Glow Diaries: 5: Paper Planes, Secret Fold and BJ.

Getting BJ Cole in to do a session is always an inspiring and invigorating time. He challenges you, does BJ; he requires his sound 'just so', likes to play instinctively and... loud. Marcus needs to be on his toes technically and I need to really concentrate on what we regard as his direction with the track; he fires off so many great ideas that you need to be sure not to miss something inspired that might lead down another path. You don't always get what you're expecting (or even what you wanted); what you invariably get is something... better; but you'd better pay attention, to be sure to capture the best moments. It's quite a sight as BJ moans and groans, rolls and rucks with the challenge, totally immersed in his endeavour; Marcus behind him, braced against the wall of stupendous sound, trying to twiddle knobs with his fingers in his ears...

Click on the image to enlarge and read about the development of 'Paper Planes and Ponytails' and 'The Secret Fold'.

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  1. Love this and the track, the melodic intro to each verse is just the hook of he century.