Thursday, 24 May 2012

Lovesong: Olafur Arnalds: ...and they have escaped the weight of darkness

I've posted on Olafur Arnalds before here, when he recorded 7 songs in 7 days for his album 'Living Room Songs'.
I've been listening to his 2010 album "and they have escaped the weight of darkness" and it's a fantastic thing, rich symphonic soundscapes, yet often childlike in its (almost insubstantial) simplistic serenity; reminds me of Sigur Ros in that aspect.
Have a look at this video and try and remain... unmoist...

This second track from the same album has a whiff of Paul Buchanan (him again) about it melodically, and in the pensive piano playing.
Gorgeous stuff...

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  1. Hi Trev,

    Listen to anything by GOLDMUND. see what you think.

    Nick Baker