Friday, 18 May 2012

Lovesong: Peter Broderick: 'Sideline': Paul Buchanan: 'Time Out' Record of the Week

I got home from work yesterday to a package from Amazon that I assumed was my copy of 'Mid Air'. Disappointed to open it and find Peter Broderick's 'How They Are' instead; forgotten that I'd ordered it... I played it and disappointment flew out of the window; beautiful, minimal stuff; much what I'm anticipating from PB.

First track 'Sideline' is breathtaking in its modesty; just lovely. Take a look at the video below and tell me that you cannot break a heart with ten thumbs and a 'so-so' voice...
Meanwhile; 'Mid Air' is Time Out's record of the week.
Click on the image (right) to enlarge and read.


  1. I arrived home from work today after a glass of something nice at the pub with my wife, then played Chris Wood's 'My Darlings Downsized' which I'm addicted to after your recommendation. Felt like the start of a perfect Friday evening. Then I watched this beautiful video by Peter Broderick... can it get any better.

    Looking forward to a full bodied red soaked evening with you guys.


  2. Sounds like a plan Russ.
    I had brought a bottle of 18 year old for the last attempt but it seems to have... disappeared.
    Love to the clan...

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