Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: Shawn Colvin: Fat City/A Few Small Repairs/Whole New You

After the dramas of last night's European Cup Final I needed something familiar to calm the nerves.
Prompted by the news that she's just about to release her first album in six years, 'All Fall Down', produced by the great Buddy Miller, I had a Shawn Colvin morning; starting mid-stream (and mainstream) with 'Fat City'.
'Polaroids' resonated and I found this great version with Miller playing 'Mando-guitar' and a startlingly underused Emmylou Harris on... tambo.

'A Few Small Repairs' was the critically acclaimed, Grammy winning follow up; full of excellent songs and arrangements, produced by John Leventhal. 'The Facts About Jimmy' is particularly fine and I found this video of Colvin performing it with that smooth jazzer Chris Botti. 

I finished up playing 'A Whole New You', the successor to 'A Few Small Repairs'. Many were disappointed by this unwholesome gem but I think that it's my favourite Colvin album. With Leventhal at the helm again, there's a darkness to the soundscapes and song content that drags you in and gets you hitting repeat as you wonder "did she really just say that?" Have a listen to the lyrics of the brutally brilliant (and gorgeous sounding) 'Another Plane Went Down'. 
'Zipadeedoodah' it ain't...


  1. I was with you every step of the way.
    A great way to start a Sunday morning.

  2. "The way that it happens is your heart
    is so heavy it rips away upon impact
    And then you just bleed inside
    You don't even feel a thing..."

    Whew, that is one haunting song. I'll have to pick up that album...

    Sweet playing by Buddy on Polaroids. I've been a fan since wife Julie's early CCM phase. An odd couple... Julie's "little girl" vocals and Buddy's hillbilly twang which both are both acquired tastes, but both are treasures and the nicest folks...

    1. Yikes! Both are both but both?
      Hope nobody reads that...

  3. Sounds like you need more (or have had too much) coffee Tim!