Saturday, 19 May 2012

Paul Buchanan Extra

I'm beginning to feel a bit like PB's press agent with all of these pre-release posts.
Here below is a reminder of some recent press activity.
This might seem a bit nerdy but maybe we could all venture an album review to be initially posted here, and then posted on amazon by the author; I know from personal experience how important those endorsements are. I'll start the ball rolling once I've lived with the album a day or two and then you can play if you want to... it'll take a lot to get Peter Broderick off my system...

With 'Mid Air' realeased on Monday there are a couple of radio interviews to look out for this weekend:

Firstly there will be an interview on the Tom Robinson show on BBC 6 Music at 21:00 tonight (

He will then be appearing on Bob Harris's Radio 2 show on in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Here's a new review on the BBC's website:

Uncut 9/10 - "Scotland's greatest living singer"

Sunday Express 4/5 - "14 short pieces are melodic, beautifully crafted and definitely not for the broken hearted"

Time Out 4/5 (Album of the Week)
- "exquisitely hushed and extraordinarily intimate listen"

Mojo 4/5 - "A 2am album of sheer devastating beauty"

The Sunday Times and Guardian ran 2 interviews with Paul last weekend that are also available to read on PB's website:

The Sunday Times

The Guardian

There is also a great interview with The Works on RTE in Ireland. (Here is a YouTube link for those who can't view the RTE link -


  1. Been enjoying it today (someone has to get it 1st) most tracks only a couple of minutes long the exception being the last it feels like a collection of vignettes. Solemnity is his signature and I love him for it. The stripped down production suits him very well though towards the end of the last track "After Dark" teases is with more than just a piano and what might have been.

  2. Seems that your comment about the last track should have come with a 'spoiler' alert Rhino... thick skinned to the end...

  3. I did not mean it to sound as a spoiler as I love the album but merely to point out that had he not chosen the minimalist direction it would not have diminished the experience.
    Do you have it yet?

  4. No milk today Rhino... is there not a double negative in your post?

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