Friday, 25 May 2012

Mid Air Arrives Chez Moi

Yup, got it yesterday; listened to it after arriving home from work. Di was in the garden mincing around in a bikini so my mind was possibly elsewhere; it all just seemed to pass me by...
I went off to play squash and came home at midnight to a dormant house so, just me, a bacon butty and a beer; headphones on and... there's so little going on that, if you listen, you can't help but pay attention to the details and God, my friends, is there in these heavenly vignettes. The brevity just sharpens the focus on the Carveresque (thanks TT) observations and minimalist piano proddings. There is an imperfection to the arrangements, and indeed to some of the vocals, that involves and engages; you just can't help but lean in...
I'm already looking forward to re-listening tonight and will do my review once I've soaked in the thing.

Meantime, here's a review from The Big Issue:


  1. I love it
    Fragments of sorrow and regret

  2. Surprise arrival yesterday!
    Struggling to be objective...
    Early review... "A SMALL GOOD THING"