Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Albums For Life: 104: Peter Bradley Adams: Leavetaking

This is probably the most unremarkable album that will appear on my list; there is nothing great about it other than the fact that it may well be the perfect duvet album; the audio equivalent to crumpets with unsalted butter, eaten with a steaming mug of Heinz Tomato soup.
Sometimes you know just what you need; something unchallenging; a salve to help ease the furrowed brow.
I first heard of Bradley Adams through his previous band Eastmountainsouth, whose self titled debut must be the perfect Sunday Morning Blue album
Leavetaking is more of the same but, with just one voice, it's a more focussed, downbeat affair; a winsome but winning combination.
Soothing, subtle and very... nice; perfect cardigan music.
So that's 'perfect' used 4 times so far... nothing too spectacular; just finely formed; illustrated here by  'So Are You To Me' (which also features on 'Eastmountainsouth') and the charming 'Song For Viola' which sounds like the... perfect soundtrack for long lingering shots of a dancing Tesco's plastic bag.


  1. You know how much I love Eastmountainsouth. Adams' solo work 'nice' as you said, but misses the chemistry with Kat Maslich and Mitchell Froom's crack production.
    Kat's work pretty weak. But here's an interesting take on a familiar ditty:


  2. 'Nice' too...
    Are you still in Florida?

  3. Howdy, how's y'all doin'? Just fixin' to hit the hay...
    Ok I'll stop the redneck jargon. Sandy skirted us with some nasty winds, rain and cool temps, but long gone now. Today was a glorious, sunny 80 degrees. We lazed on the beach, watched the spinner dolphin's acrobatics, mullet schools sailing over the waves. Osprey, pelicans and every variety of gulls; yakked with the fishing folk and the old people strolling, soaking it all in. Soon pods of whales will be making their pilgrimage, breaching their way down the coast which is always a thrill. Maybe tomorrow we'll pull out the fishing gear and try our luck. The folks today snagged some nice sheephead (a fish), flounder and pompano. Myrna loves to fish, and with our friends Mike & Tess in tow we have a chemistry that makes every moment a blast...
    They are residents here and we've known them for 25 years. Like us, kidless and seemingly never grown up, we have fun like a bunch of crazy schoolchildren... with beer.
    Every night they take us out to a different great restaurant. Lobster, crab, mahi-mahi, salmon, shrimp, steak, prime rib... Last night Mike ordered a a rack of ribs that was 2 feet across, I swear. Have you ever watched the intro to the Flintstones where Fred orders ribs at the drive-through and the car flips over?
    In 2 weeks we'll head back to reality and the great white north. Myrna has an oncology appointment, always a harrowing experience.
    But in the meantime we're enjoying paradise (Yankee-style).
    See y'all...

  4. Sounds like paradise you found there TT.
    I hope that all goes well with Myrna's treatment; 'hi' from me.