Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lovesong: Swell Season: Low Rising/Love Don't Keep Me Waiting

Glen Hansard is a much under rated singer and writer.
He came to my attention as the singer with Irish band The Frames, purveyors of fine moments but wildly inconsistent albums.
You might recognize him and musical partner Marketa from the low budget movie 'Once' from a few years back. The soundtrack of the album is a fine thing; it was all very angsty in a Damien Rice kid of way. The twosome perform as The Swell Season. 
I love their 'Strict Joy' album from which 'Low Rising' is taken.
'Love Don't Keep Me Waiting' is from Hansard's recent solo album 'Rhythm and Repose'.
Nowt wrong with a bit of angst but these two videos show him a little more chipper; sprightly even.



  1. I just don't get why he isn't better known in the uk
    I like the frames mellower stuff so prefer his swell season and solo lps

  2. Agree about the Frames quieter stuff.
    Maybe there's no place in the world for another ginger singer... Hucknall's due to give up that seat...