Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sunday Morning Blue: A Song for Katy: I've Got a Plan: My Friend the Chocolate Cake: Finn Brothers: Won't Give In

Katy, my younger sister, has been dreaming of emigrating to Australia for years. She'd been struggling to get a 'shoe in' from a distance so took the brave step of selling up and going down under to try and get herself set up in situ
She had a visitor's visa and had a year to find herself a sponsor. Well, with days to spare she's succeeded. I won't go into details; private obviously;  I know that my parents have been concerned about her (as indeed we all have); she's been sticking her chin out on her lonesome and, although it seems that she has found some great friends in Oz, I'm sure there have been some lonely moments for her.
Those Aussie mates gave her a celebratory party last night, complete with a poem (see below), a crown and a flag. 
Here she is shaking her maracas.
So, I want to dedicate this Sunday Morning Blue to Katy Jones, now an official resident of Melbourne, Australia.
The first ditty is from The Finn Brothers, the self explanatory 'Won't Give In'. It's also for her mates down under; seems that (almost) everyone she loves is there.
The second song is from a fellow Melbournian, David Bridie. 
Seems that, just like Katy, he too had a plan.
Well done Katy. 
Go sister, go...

She started out with a mission
To call Australia Home
It was her true ambition
To stay put and no further roam

Faced with challenges a plenty
She faced them one by one
And slayed them all but gently
Until there was just one

There were men who offered their house to stay
And some that offered their hand
But she shook 'em off and said
'I'll do this on my own terms thanks!'
And fled to South Morang!

And with the help of friends and strangers
(Zorro too apparently)
All her hard work finally paid off
And shouted 'Victory!'

For her bravery she deserves a medal
And having now completed her task ...
It's time to get out your maracas Katy

And have yourself a blast!'


  1. Cheers Katy!
    I spent several months in Oz & NZ in the 80's. Both beautiful places. Ozzies very, very rough around the edges, NZ folk sweet...
    Funny/true coincidence... last night we dined at a posh steak house with our dear Florida mates Mike & Tessie. Later back to the house for a DVD I brought with me. I played them my favorite episode of F of C, "Unnatural Love", where Kiwi Jermaine accidentally 'roots' an Australian. Lots of laughs... My favorite part where Keitha explains her ancestry, how her grandpa "met" her grandmum...
    Then this morning I see your post! Good luck to Kate. I'm sure she won't evolve into a Keitha...

    Here are some clips, sort of in sequence:

  2. Thanks Tim! I look forward to watching the clips - thanks for sharing.

  3. Cheers Trev - such beautiful words and songs to accompany them.

    'My friend the chocolate cake' are playing a great venue - The Thornbury Theatre, here in Melbourne next weekend. I'm planning to be in The Whitsundays, so unfortunately will not be able to see them. Love this song and the words are so befitting.

    Thank you!

    Katy xxx

    1. Shame that you can't make the gig Katy.
      You should try to meet up with David B; he's a good man, always worth a pint.
      I'll try and connect you via email...

  4. It's the best news of the year!

    Good luck Katy... Love ya!

  5. Just realized: This is "What Kate Did Next"!
    A 'beauty' of a song as they say down under.