Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Happy Birthday Di

It's Di's birthday today.
Why not go to her blog at
and wish her a happy day.
We've just been out for a pub lunch and a walk by the river and a swing in a swing and, as you can see, Di still swings like a young 'un.
Me? I could get in but had trouble getting out...
On the walk we found a boat that we thought we could do up and live the intrepid bohemian river life in.
It's got promise, no?
Now, onto the evening which promises curry and brandy and a cozy listen to the remaster of Peter Gabriel's 'So'; a present that she doesn't know she has yet (until she reads this). And I believe there's some footy on the TV later; it's either that or 'Three Colours Blue'. The birthday girl will probably get her way and we'll have to suffer the piggin' Champions League again.

1 comment:

  1. Better late than never, You are beautiful my lovely who would have thought you are so old !... as for the boat I think that might take as long as my extension to restore, question is 'will you live that long' !
    HAPPY DAYS love you Siempre X