Monday, 15 October 2012

Lovesong: Giant Sand/Calexico/Iron and Wine

My recent jaunt at Aarhus had me reaching for my old Giant Sand albums.
Di was so taken with them that she brought their latest 'Tucson' which is a sprawling work of wonder from which I have posted 'Out of the Blue'.
2000's 'Chore of Enchantment' always struck me as a complete album, warm, witty and... erm whimsical; it also contains my favourite Howe Gelb song 'Shiver'.
The muscular drumming on that album of John Convertina also had me hunting out my Calexico albums, choice cut is the scary 'Black Heart' from 'Feast of Wire', which is set here to fairly raunchy visuals from Martin Scorcese.
This then led me to Iron and Wire's collaboration with Calexico, 'In the Reins', where the Burns/Cavertino production adds some muscle to Sam Beam's winsome doodles.
It all makes me want to eat chilli and drink tequila and it's only 9.49 in the morning...


  1. 'Tuscon' is a masterpiece!... It is, of course, by the extended group of 'Giant Sand', 'Giant Giant Sand', made up of a mixture of Danish and Tusconan talent.
    The four voices on 'Out of The Blue'... are so diverse; the song gives me goosebumps!

    1. And I have seen those goosebumps; Bucks' finest...

  2. no need to go to spotify now as I can listen to it here!

  3. Oooh! Just watched the 'Lady Calexico' video... raunchy!
    Is that Harvey Keitel?

    Hurry home!

    1. It is Keitel, afore he ate all the pies...