Saturday, 6 October 2012

Paul Buchanan: Some Sort of Surrender: The Quietus Interview

I've just come across this excellent interview.
Blue Nile singer Paul Buchanan and journalist David Peschek get teary-eyed discussing mortality, love and Mid Air, his first solo album- and his first release in 8 years...

"Some of the lines don’t refer to memories of my own, childhood memories – but that’s not what is interesting about them: what’s interesting is what we’ve got in common. The only thing that’s left is sacrifice. Sacrifice. That’s all. The only way I can see towards it now is surrender – absolute surrender: surrender to your own inconsistencies, your own cowardice, your own weaknesses, to concede them – and take that as your starting point... See that loser there? Give him that piece of paper. Give him that line. Give him that song. Make him bump into those other two guys in the street. Make that happen."

The Quietus Interview

There's also a great session that Paul did on Nic Harcourt's 'Morning Becomes Eclectic' show.
It's from way back in 2004 but, off the back of 'Mid Air', the acoustic approach resonates.


  1. I missed this as well so thanks - great interview

  2. It certainly made me reach for the album again...

  3. see tt and hats are being re released with an extra disc - although disppointingly only seems to be early versions , b sides etc.

  4. Funny, I've just been to an exhibition in Hampstead of photographer and film maker Bernard Rudden.
    He works closely with Paul Buchanan; did the recent videos for songs from Mid Air. He was telling me about the remasters; says that Paul is raving about the sound...

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