Friday, 18 January 2013

Albums for Life: 64: Arvo Part: Alina

This is contemporary music, neoclassical apparently, revered for its 'simple complexity'. This version of the work was recorded in 1995 with Vladimir Spivakov (violin), Sergev Bezrodny (piano), Alexander Malter (piano), Dietmar Schwalke (cello).
Part writes about his music being 'white' so that the listener can bring his own 'colours' to it. Cyclical in design, it is spellbinding in its sparsity; aficionados rattle on about 'the space between the notes' and for once I can understand what that means. The sublime nature of this wondrous work suggests a spiritual life, well tended; you really  need to hear it to understand its effect.
Beautifully simple.
Simply beautiful.


  1. I like what I've heard of Part, most of which (all of which) has been on the radio. I must get an album or two. might take your recommendation here Trevor.

  2. Some of his other work is snooze inducing Seamus (Te Deum lives up to its name) but this one rings like a bell...