Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Albums for Life: 66: Whiskeytown: Pnuemonia

This was Whiskeytown's final album before Ryan Adams left for solo stardom.
Apparently the album was in the can 3 years before release and was dismissed at the time of release as the death rattle of a knackered combo. Nonsense as it contains some of Adams' finest songs and performances; it's got beauteous ballads but also some great hooks with his pop sensibilities turned up to '11'.
It should also be noted that Catlin Cary emerged as a fine solo artist after the band split in 1999.
The 'Ryan: Treasure or Tosspot?' debate can be revisited by watching the boy's appearance on Letterman in the last clip.


  1. I'm thinking this shoulda been on my list. The clips you chose are some of my favorite tunes from the boy wonder...

    PS: Long drive back to the great white North in the morning...

  2. Safe journey Tim.
    Have you painted/paved paradise?

  3. I've never fallen for Mr Adams - that invisible B doesn't fool me.he always sounds like a slightly less exciting version of someone else - Replacements; Stones ...
    Mind you, just listened to Jacksonville Skyline and he does a pretty good Springsteen...

    1. Have you heard 'Heartbreaker' his first solo?
      I think that it's his best album.
      Lately (past 5/6 years) his quality control seems to have gone AWOL; he's so prolific and I can imagine that he's not the easiest to advise; probably went to the same charm school that Dylan attended...