Sunday, 13 January 2013

Albums for Life: 68: Halloween Alaska

I must admit to knowing nothing about this band other than that I love this self titled release.
As with TT's Stars shout, I think that I was initially drawn by the Prefab comparisons, singer James Dier does have a plaintive Paddyesque way with a melody.
Check out 'Four Corners'.
I can't find a clip, but there's a moment towards the end of the song where Dier keeps going for the line "I found the one to keep" which is just lovely; it's almost as he's trying to find the most beautiful way of singing the curiously captivating line and, boy, does he nail it.
I confess that I play this a lot as background; very calming...


  1. I'vwe got one lp by them (bought on the strength of a review that compared them to the blue nile)
    It is the one with the springsteen cover on

  2. Sits in my bubbling under pool...
    Telling Me, 4 Corners, Call It Clear lovely stand-out tracks for me; you'd swear it was Paddy in "Desire As" mode. The rest not so, and that friggin' drum machine drives me bananas!!!