Saturday, 12 January 2013

Albums for Life: 69: Scott Merritt: Violet and Black

This was a massive influence when Steve Davis (then co-producer and guitarist) and I were recording the Miracle Mile debut 'Bicycle Thieves'. An impassioned voice singing mundanities might just be a gravestone that we'll share. It's intense jangle hasn't aged badly.
Merritt released the album in 1989 then disappeared, frustrated with the industry, tied in to a contract with an ailing label (I.R.S) he briefly returned in 2002 with 'The Detour Home' but retreated again to Brantford Ontario, his Canadian home where he has his own studio and produces local bands.
I'm nearly back on schedule with these so hope to expand a bit more on future missives.
Brace yourselves...


  1. not heard of him beofre , but really like the 2 tracks you've posted and it is 1p on amazon so taking a punt!

  2. Scott Merritt? Scott Merritt! How on earth did you run across this guy? I don't even think anyone in um, Brantford even knows of him! As a patriot, I must confess that all I know is one tune, (Overworked & Underpaid?) that got played on CFNY back in the good old days of FM radio. I have seen that album cover hundreds of times in used record stores in TO, but really had no reason to buy. I like the clips; great band & voice sounds much like Peter Himmelmann. Must do homework. Again I must ask... How?

  3. Unsure Tim, must have been a review in Mojo/Uncut/Q...
    I initially thought he was a Brit with that twang.