Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Albums for Life: 74 & 73: The Beatles: The Red and Blue Albums

Just about coming to after the Xmas indulgences.
I've fallen behind and will remedy that with some skulduggery; this will also dispose of the elephant in the room.
I know that we're under strict orders not to include compilations but these two albums are so ingrained in my musical DNA that they cannot be ignored.
My parents had all of the 45s but only these two Beatles albums so I was nourished on what must be the finest compilation of pop music by any one band.
Beatles or The Stones?
No contest for me; no other group has reshaped modern pop so dynamically and over such a short period of time. If I could remove Yellow Submarine I could not imagine a song book more perfect...
My fav Fab Four album changes every hour (today it's Abbey Road) so this ridiculously low placement of such musical genius helps me to move on beyond the furrowed brow...
You don't need me to talk you through the highs; although today I've been admiring Lennon's lovingly languid bass playing on 'The Long and Winding Road', which many a barbed bard will tell you was his attempt at Macca sabotage...


  1. When I was younger it was dream to ownthese 2 and i remeber one xmas getting a compilation called Beatles love songs (although slow songs would have been a better title) which had a very odd cartoon cover and having to hide my disappointment. However as this was only my second lp after Out of the Blue , it got played to death and so formed the foundation of my love of sad slow songs. This track was (and remains) one of my favs form teh lp along with In My Life and Fool on the hill

  2. When people ask "Beatles or The Stones' my answer is The Kinks!

  3. There's no denying their being the most influential, ground-breaking band ever... Listening to Long & Winding makes me want to weep; it' so beautiful. However, I don't know if the timing was off for me, air-wave saturation or just my contrary nature, but I was never a massive fan of the moptops. Maybe, I've never forgiven Macca for the stream of slop that he put out post-Beatles. Was this really the same guy that penned Eleonor Rigby? Or an imposter!

  4. One of my earliest memories is of my brother, 12 years older than me, playing The Beatles & The Beach Boys. I used to sit on top of the landing, I wasn't allowed in his room, listening to this glorious sound with the light coming from under the door. This was accompanied by him playing his guitar & bass along to the songs. I think this is where my love of music began. Before I was born, my mum & dad ran a pub and had tons of records they used to play in the lounge. I was given access to them all from a very early age and The Beatles found their way into my home very easily. I remember these albums vividly. Always preferred the later more complicated music than the early 60s stuff, although Revolver remains my favourite Beatles album. Although my favourite 60s band has always been The Beach Boys, followed by The Who & The Byrds.