Monday, 14 January 2013

Albums for Life: 67: Damien Rice: 0

This album still resonates; grim but glorious, never has misery sounded so lovely.
Rice made a smart move by involving the beautiful tones of Lisa Hannigan as a foil for his heartbreak; the object of his affectation. He was brilliant live too as these clips show.
The album was made in memory of a friend who had just died and was recorded independently to retain artistic control.
The follow up '9' was just too much misery, even for me.
The songs from '0' still pack a punch...


  1. Another on ethat is further up my list. It is the odd things on this I love both big (the opera bit on Eskimo) and small (the whispered until I find someone new at the end of on etrack) and make it stand out from the pack. Also agreed LH provides a great contrast. Also agree teh follow up was a tad too self indulgent misery wallowing - he seems to have disappeared??

    1. There is talk of a new album in 2013...
      But then again they're saying the same of Miracle Mile...

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  3. Oops, too much profanity re that 2nd album...
    Slightly higher on my chart. Splendid production. Everything just right. Double-ditto re Hannigan's moving vocals. But that wretched follow-up album made me wanna... Argh, don't get me started.

  4. Not sure about Mr Rice. I've never given him a proper listen although i've meant to. More for the to do list.