Saturday, 22 June 2013

Corsica Bound: Diary of Departure: 13

I have a predictable hangover and not a lot of sympathy from Di.
Copious cups of coffee and Keith Jarrett help to sooth my morning.
Our builder Dominguez visits for his last 2K and to admire his roof terrace. He changes the lock of our shower room that we’ll finally be able to secure. It takes him 10 seconds. ‘Un cadeaux’ he beams, proud that he’s done something for nowt…
Beach, then home to a rooftop sunset.
Supper is languine with a pork lardons and red pepper sauce; lots of basil and parmesan.
Sorry that I can't articulate more but it's hard to convey an ambience, particularly when I'm in this state of ennui. I love it here; dislocated, half wasted, half arsed, half way up our little mountain. I know that we need to change to grow but am fearful that we might be sacrificing a little corner of heaven to that vague principle...
At this moment I'm wondering why we're jumping ship; reminds me of a line one of my mates Trevor Smith came out with when we were on an ill fated sailing trip that took us from the beautiful island of Antigua south to its ugly neighbor Guadeloupe, 'We found paradise and we sailed away from it...'
Bed, book and brandy.
‘Ghostwritten’ is beautifully written but I need to slow down to get it. Not an easy holiday read; it’s full of sentences to savour, dwell on, re read… I must remember to start the holiday with the challenging reads and finish with the pulp. Next up, a coloring book and then 'Janet and John 1a'?
Anyone old enough to remember that series?
Ipod: Familiar fare tonight; The Blue Nile are on shuffle.
Song of the day: ‘Because of Toledo’.

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