Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Shameless Self Promotion: 4: Toronto Tim Says: My Desert Island Discs

If you've been following the recent blog links you'll know that a few of us have been sharing our love of music in list form: 'Desert Island Discs' so to speak.
Toronto Tim (god bless him) has chosen to top his list with something familiar...

#1 - 'ALASKA' - MIRACLE MILE (2003)

Easy choice... However given the opportunity it would be a tie - Alaska + Limbo. I've always said that Limbo is the perfect album, but Alaska my first-love & the one closest to my heart. Note: My good buddy Eric's #1 desert island disc is Limbo, so were covering the bases!

It took me years to eventually break out of my paranoid shell, and plunge into on-line purchasing. Alaska's intriguing 30 second sample teasers on Rainsound/Amazon were the catalyst in my search for the elusive Miracle Mile. Also a bit of a life-changer. I'd alway detested that on-line chat/blog thing that my wife was so mesmerized by. But somehow I got sucked into it with Hissyfit, and I must admit to being very grateful as I'd probably have remained dormant in a cultural vacuum. Music has always been a passion. With the demise of record stores, formatted radio and general indifference to intelligent music, I really can't express how much I appreciate all of the sharing with kindred spirits meeting at Hissyfit & COS... keeping that passion alive.

We've already discussed at length how special Alaska is, and I don't want this to turn into a brown-nosing eulogy, although I'm sure Di's boy-friend wouldn't mind. I'll just say that fantastic musical magic emanates fom that infamous "Cinnamon Chair." I'm thinking it's probably due for a good cleaning or reupholstering by now...

David Ashley writes:
I went for Alaska as well although up until the night before it was going to be Limbo. Ask me today as me and the wife look through photos of our trip to californiyiia and it is Candids. I think it is a measure of the artist rather than the record when you have 2/3/4 lps jockeying for being the best.


  1. I just realized that I buggered up, and missed a sentence in my write-up. Following the infamous "Cinnamon Chair" remark, I meant to add: "7 days a week, 356 a year" multiplied by how many years? (then) I'm thinking it's probably due for a good cleaning or reupholstering by now...

    I'm glad to hear she's still intact after so many years!

    Now riddle me this: I always do a double-take, wondering I'm getting senile, and "I" have it wrong when listening to "Cinnamon Chair" lyrics... "7 days a week, 356 a year." Trev, were you being clever, or do you folks have a different calender in the UK???

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