Sunday, 30 June 2013

'In Cassidy's Care': Friends of Miracle Mile Respond

As we await the official release of the album (July 22), some folk have ordered pre release copies. 
We hope that you can do an Amazon review for us after July 22.
They really do help generate sales.
Here are a few snippets from those  'Friends of Miracle Mile':

 - Listening now, ecstatically. F*cking BRILLIANT!!!
Played it five times in a row and still playing it...
It's great stuff... Current fav’ is ‘Sweet Nothing’ but it's hard to choose the pick of the bunch. Max

- Got my copy this morning and it's just brilliant; Miracle Mile's best music to date. It is a gorgeous album with words and melodies to die for… an astonishing piece of music. Nick

- It arrived this morning. It’s like you've never been away. Wonderful. Phil

- In the last months I had some arterial pressure problems. I have put on ‘In Cassidy's Care’ and there was a miracle! I have measured my pressure listening your music and by a miracle my pressure was in the RIGHT range already after the first track! Now I guess to need to listen your cd all the time... Ciao e graze!  Carmine

- Got it! Jaw dropping as usual for you guys! Massimo

- Great news! In Cassidy's Care arrived today. Played it through 3 times... classic Miracle Mile!!! Congrats & thanks Trev & Marcus - She's a real beauty! Toronto Tim

- You never disappoint. I think it's because you remain faithful to the idea that the song's the thing, and that stylistic genres are ultimately, not important. You just seem to do what you do, and if you and Marcus were stranded on a desert island you'd make a xylophone out of coconut shells and write songs on that. Johnny

- You did a great job, very intense, authentic, filled with beautiful ideas and catching musical lines, with extremely fascinating lyrics. And your singing is beautiful and sincere as well. This is the very result of a long unstressed and passionate work, that's what I feel. Congratulations my friend, I'm sure (and I wish) this CD will leave a deep mark! Francesco

- I’ve spend some more time with ICC - and musically each song quickly develops into something familiar. Creeping in as if they have always been there but a little different. Any human heart seems to me - at least for the moment - to be the main song. The one the other songs lyrically revolve around.
I like your way with words (I love you, goodbye) and it`s especially great when you get very specific and concrete ie: park bench brush teeth - prints on the windowpane and, of course, the song with the carpet with it`s fibers/patterns.
And the way you now include the spoken words in a song instead of seperate them - makes sense to me. Folmer

- Always amazed at how the quality of music remains at such an amazing quality album after album. I don't purchase CD anymore between Rhapsody and Spotify, but if one purchases one CD a year, it should be a Miracle Mile CD.
Thanks again for years of brilliant music.  Alan


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