Monday, 24 October 2011

Happy Birthday Di

Today is Di's birthday.
This will be the 24th birthday that we've shared.
25 fretless years together on December 20th.
She's in pretty good nick for an old bird.
What a beautiful neck.
Look at the curves on that body.
Happy Birthday my darling...


  1. Love it Trev, you old dog!! See you couldn't persuade her to use the ukele then? Di, you look fantastic!!Happy Birthday!!

  2. She didn't look quite as fresh faced after last nights celebrations...

  3. Hey! I can read you know.
    I think maybe the g-string was too tight...

  4. There's a girl on the bridge

    She never majors in minor things, only in what happiness brings.
    6 Strings one for each day, Oh what to do on the 7th. There we diminish responsibility.
    As useless poets, we are using all the right words not necessarily in the right order.

    Happy Birthday Loads of Love, The Pickle family

  5. Ay up Greggg.
    You've been drinking cider again haven't you....
    Is it sonnet or limerick?
    Hit it with a stick, quick.
    Love to the lovely girls (all 3).
    Good to see you here; come back soon.
    Looking forward to coming up to see you Norfolkers afore Xmas.
    Trev x

  6. Ahh! The lovely Etches family.
    Thank you for the verse.
    Can't wait to see you all on the 16th.
    Loads of love,