Sunday, 23 October 2011

Skeletons: Early Songs (Demos: Late 80s): I Swing

Although co-credited as a Smith/Jones composition,
'I Swing' is a song that in truth was written by Steve Smith (left).
Steve Davis and I spent a lot of time on the backing track and when it was ready we phoned Smithy to get him in to sing, only for him to inform us that he'd left the band and had formed his own unit 'Molly and the Moonbeams' with drummer Phil Sands. I'm sure that the writing had been on the wall but I'm buggered if I can remember the vagaries of the messages. Initially we were miffed, a lot of hard work had gone into preparing several tracks that were meant to be the MM debut with Steve as our figurehead (I'm hoping to unveil some of those soon) but came to understand Steve's move. We scratched our heads for a while and then Steve Davis had the bright idea that I might sing. We really had no choice, so, what you hear is my first ever vocal attempt (with the exception of an old 'Stacks' B side 'Maybe Monday')... I remember that we had brought in a backing vocalist Miriam Stockley (Queen/Mike Oldfield/Jason gulp Donovan), whose powerful voice dominated the track; I couldn't compete so... didn't bother.  It still sounds a bit thick tongued to me but I guess it has some historical significance to those interested...
Great song from Steve Smith though; he has developed his musical career Stateside in the guise of The Delta Boy. You can hear his undiminished pop sensibilities here on his MySpace page. His fine debut 'Automatic Pier' is also available as a download here on Amazon. Although a true original, think Lilac Time/Marc Bolan and a gentle Lennon and you are in his ball park...

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